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Radio silence over here means I've been busy. Since the last post, I've filmed a feature film, attended a double wedding in upstate Vermont, flown to NYC the day after Hurricane Ida hit to bring my son home for a break, and attended the double memorial service for my in-laws who died in 2020. On the docket in the next 48 hours is seeing my parents tomorrow and flying my son back to NYC to his boarding school. After all these events coming at me in breakneck speed, I'm planning on taking the next 2-3 days to unplug from the world and decompress.

The feature film shoot was a journey! The movie is a comedy called Nothing's Going on with Me and Sandra. On the eve of their 15th wedding anniversary, a sentimental wife comes home early to surprise her smooth-talking husband - but his lover, hiding in the apartment, threatens to wreck everything.

A group of us got together over a week to film. We gave each other and the project our all. I am so grateful to have spent a week of my life with this particular group of generous and talented people. Here's a picture of us on the last day of the shoot:

Cast and crew for Nothing's Going on with Me and Sandra

This was a production comprised mostly of women and mostly of brown people. That is not typical in commercial filmmaking. As an independent filmmaker, I have the freedom to carve a different path. It is important to me to provide jobs and a platform of artistry for people who may traditionally be overlooked in the wider industry.

The shoot has made me completely rethink about my filmmaking path and what I want to do when I grow up. I sense the winds of change blowing hard this direction. We'll see how things evolve over the next bit of time.

The day after we wrapped on the film, my husband and I headed to the East Coast to celebrate the double wedding of my college roommate to her partner of 15+ years and the wedding of her brother to his partner of 20+ years. It was a magical night, filled with so much love and personality that was uniquely them. I just wish my husband weren't still getting over a nasty cold and we could have stayed longer.

Even still, the two of us had a well-deserved relaxing weekend together, just us two. I can't remember the last time we spent 48 hours alone together. We need to do it more often.

Us in the U.S., Canada in the background!

We came home, I paid a bunch of bills, and turned around to NYC to pick-up our son for a visit home this weekend. His boarding school is in Connecticut, but LaGuardia is easier for me to fly in-and-out the same day. So he took a car service to the airport, trekking through damage of Hurricane Ida along the way. It's been about a month and a half since I'd seen him last, and my heart felt full to be with him again.

Those are smiles under the masks!

My son is home for the Labor Day Weekend break. We came together as an extended family to remember my mother and father in-law, Ginger and John. It has been a year and a half since we lost them, and we all still feel that hole. What incredible people to have worked as a journalist and then priest and then a priest in the prison system and then with individuals struggling with addiction (John), in South Africa with traumatized children and as an child and adolescent art therapist (Ginger), who broke social norms in their choices on how to build a family, and constantly looked out for those who needed more. We love them and their incredible spirits. I'm so glad to have had them in my life.

Dr. Virginia and Rev. John Shaver (and grandson!)

Tomorrow is another day with family. And then my son goes back to boarding school. And my other son goes back to his high school here. And hopefully, I have some downtime before the next whirlwind adventure.


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