Do Re Mi

Today was a mental health day. I have felt exhausted and drained lately. I decided that there was nothing so urgent on my To Do list that it couldn’t wait. So I watched The Me You Can’t See series about mental health with Oprah and Prince Harry. I lounged around in bed, taking a couple of brief naps in the hopes of staving off a headache (which worked), organized a date night with my husband, and used the Better Help app.

The app has a space for journaling. Today’s writing prompt is “three things I wish others knew about me are”:

  1. This is a hard question because I’m very transparent, and if there’s something I want people to know about me, I’ll say it and not hold back.

  2. I am most attracted to others who also don’t hold back - I‘m not someone interested in playing a read-between-the-lines situation. I don’t have the emotional energy and don’t waste my intellectual capacity in interpersonal guessing games.

  3. If I suspect or know someone is not being forthcoming or truthful with me, I will play dumb and act kindly to their face so as not to spoil the fun, and will simultaneously distance myself.


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