I suffer from migraines. I get maybe 20-50 a year. I’ve got one right now. This one is from the aftermath of stress. I’ve been working with my oldest son over the last three weeks to finish-up the school year. He has been attending a residential school and abruptly came home. Long story.

Short story is that on top of the other things I have going on, I added special education teacher and therapist over the past three weeks. He had such a touching goodbye ceremony today with the school, and as soon as it ended, my headache began.

There are people close to me and parents out there who have caught every bit of code laden into the two preceding paragraphs. I‘d explain more here now, but my head hurts too much. Later. I’m certain there will be much more on this another time.

Hoping to sleep well tonight and start tomorrow fresh. Workout, hydrate, eat healthy, and take it easy.


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