The Lift

The ascending portion of a roller coaster is called a “lift hill.” The clanking sound as your car goes up the track has always sounded so ominous and dramatic to me. I love the tension it creates. The roller coaster I’ve ridden the most is The Beast in Cincinnati. I’ve probably been on that ride a hundred times. As a kid, my family lived about 15 minutes away from the Kings Island amusement park, and I spent many summer days there.

All these random facts to say that... it is so strange when your own body isn’t strong enough to lift itself! This has been my predicament since I broke the humeral head into four pieces in my shoulder in September. I haven’t been able to fully raise my arm.

I had a breakthrough yesterday at physical therapy. Something finally clicked. I was able to move it from its stagnating 115 degrees where it’s been stuck since February. After my therapist manipulated it, my shoulder lifted to 145 degrees! I wanted to cry it felt so fantastic. I wasn’t strong enough to hold it there for long. But I did it! I tried it once more, and it worked again!

Alas, at home since then, I haven’t been able to raise it on my own like that. But I have been able to walk my fingers up the wall for support to raise my arm, which is where the roller coaster comes in.

This is also so strange... when I lift it to 145 degrees, it makes this glug-glug-glug sound that reminds me of that roller coaster car going up the hill!


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